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Actress Aamina Sheikh got married for the second time

Actress and model Amna Sheikh shared a photo on Instagram yesterday in which a wedding ring is seen in her hand. Amna Sheikh shared a few photos on Instagram yesterday. He first shared the post of Bismillah-ur-Rehman-ur-Rehman, while the second photo shows the hand of a woman, a man and a child and also a wedding ring on the hand.

Amna Sheikh did not write any caption regarding this post but it is clear from the wedding ring that Amna Sheikh has got married for the second time. Because immediately after the post was shared by him, the artists and their fans started congratulating him on his new life. A number of her fellow industry insiders also extended their love and wishes to the actor, including Zara Noor Abbas, Muniba Mazari, Sunita Marshall and Nadia Hussain.

It may be recalled that Amna Sheikh was married to actor Mohib Mirza in 2005. They have a daughter. Amna and Mohib parted ways after 12 years of married life, which was confirmed by Mohib Mirza during a show, saying that he and Amna no longer live together and both are divorced.