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Actress Mahira Khan’s sweet reply to a little fan on Twitter will melt your heart

Famous Pakistani superstar Mahira Khan’s adorable reply to the letter of her little fan Rania from Quetta on Twitter will melt your heart. Mahira Khan turned to site Twitter and responded to the letter of the eight years old girl shared by her father Shaharyar. His father wrote that

Hi my 8 years daughter is a big fan of you. She has written a letter to you, I hope you would like it, as she inspired you I think she would present you in future… I hope you would write or share a small video for her, that would be a big surprise for her. Thanks



Mahira wrote, “This is shoo sweet. Tell Rania that I wanted to name my daughter Rania if I had a girl 🙂 Give her lots of love and a tight hug from me.”


Earlier, the man shared the letter of her daughter Rania, where she writes to Mahira Khan

“I am Rania and I am 8 years old. I am a big fan of you ever since I saw on Hum Awards on television.  Since that day I became your fan. I saw your movie Superstar trailer and I loved it the way you danced, the way you acted. I loved it. If you mind please send me your autograph picture to hang in my room. Thanks for taking the time to read my letter. Best of luck with your future and I will wait for your reply. Take care of your self.”