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Adnan Siddiqui Misbehaved With Sarfaraz Ahmed

Jeeto Pakistan is Pakistan’s one of the most prominent and famous game shows. It runs all year but in Ramadan, they always produce some special shows and with famous Media Industry and Sports Stars. But this year they have to change the format because of the Covid-19 restrictions and they are not allowed to call any audience, so they reserved a few celebrities and divide them into teams.


As the show going y an incident happened which was supposed to be funny, but inside that, someone crossed his limits. The incident happened when Famous TV star Adnan Siddiqui was playing against Pakistan’s Cricket team Former Test Captain Sarfraz Ahmed and moreover, he didn’t even realize that he has done something very sensitive but this is an era of social media and Adnan realized after coming to social media because the issue was hyped up on twitter and Instagram and Sarfraz’s fans were very angry and shocked about the words that he said to the captain. Later he realized and he posted a lengthy post on Instagram that he is sorry about what happened and it was all happened unintentionally and he said that he is not only close to Sarfraz but all of his fans too so I apologize for what I have done and if you felt my body language even I was very ashamed of my words even then. It was a terrible thing to joke about someone’s speech and it left a very bad impact not only in Pakistan but all over the world where this show gets on-aired and he said that he can promise that later he will never do this kind of shameful ever again at any level. He however maintained that as he didn’t react at that time but his body language even in that episode made his stance clear, but earlier he was bashed badly on twitter as well.