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After ‘Pyar k Sadqay’ and ‘Ishqiya’, ‘Jalan’ drama was also banned

The Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) has also banned “Jalan” after the dramas “Pyar Ke Sadqa” and “Eshqiya”. According to a press release issued on PEMRA’s official Twitter account yesterday, PEMRA has immediately imposed a complete ban on the broadcast of the private channel’s drama “Jalan”. The drama serial was receiving strong public reactions and complaints for airing content contrary to social and religious values.


Acting on the fact that the channel did not make any significant change in the script of the drama, PEMRA has banned the broadcast of the said drama under Section 27 of the Ordinance. The channel management was repeatedly warned to review the content of the play and bring the script in line with Pakistani values, otherwise, action would be taken under the PEMRA Ordinance.

It is appropriate to mention here that PEMRA had issued on August 18 a detailed post/guide to all the channels and issued a final guideline on making the content of dramas in accordance with Pakistani values. However, in the absence of any significant action by the channel management, the authority took the final step and had to ban the broadcasting of the drama serial “Jalan”, which ARY Digital has been directed to implement immediately.


Earlier, PEMRA had also banned the re-broadcasting of drama series “Pyar Ke Sadqa” and “Eshqiya” for airing content contrary to social and religious values.


It should be noted that the story of the drama serial “Jalan” revolves around two sisters Manal Khan and Areeba Habib. Actor Emmad Irfani has played the role of Areeba Habib’s husband in the play. The play shows Manal Khan staring at his own sister’s husband, while there are some scenes in the play that cannot be watched sitting with the family.