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After Shaan, Sharmila Farooqi Opposes Turkish Content

As we all know nowadays a famous biography is running on PTV on the special request of Prime Minister Imran khan. The biography is made on a brave king and emperor (Ertugrul Gazi) who was the father of Othman Gazi (Founder of the Othman Empire). As the drama is gaining new heights of popularity some of our famous celebrities and politicians are sharing their views.


Lollywood star Shaan Shahid on his tweet wrote that showing our history is good but we need to come up with our own ideas and stuff. Meanwhile another drama was announced by Senator Faisal Javed khan named ‘’Yunus Emre’’ which is based on Sufi Poet. This all stuff is going on because prime minister believes that our youth is following useless Bollywood culture and learning nothing about their history so it is the right time to tell the youth that where they came from and what actually Islam is and who are the heroes that they need to follow.



After Shaan another famous lady who is a politician from Pakistan people’s Party tweeted that Why is Imran Khan dubbing and promoting Turkish culture as we have our own history and we make super hit dramas as well so we need to follow our own stuff rather than running after Turks. Twitter gets mad after her statement and she got interesting comments from twitter users. As a girl replied that ‘’ Pakistani dramas USED to be world-class. Rather than resorting to slander for no damn reason, let’s just face the reality first. Being a Pakistani, I have no shame in saying that we demean our women, show them weak, miserable, dying to get married, and vindictive. ’Another user said that where were you when your media was showing ‘’Mera Sultan’’ drama which was also a Turkish serial he later said that you only need a purpose to criticize Prime minister and nothing else