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Aima Baig & Shahbaz Shigri Disclose Each Other’s Funny Secrets

Aima and Shahbaz are the trending celebrities of Pakistan, who have gotten their fame through love. Recently in the talk show of Ahsan khan, they shared an exciting moment with us all. Aima Baig is our favorite singer whose top hit song was Qalabaz Dil, while Shahbaz Shigri is an actor, producer, and director who did lots of soap videos for hum tv.
In the recent video, they can be seen exposing each other’s funny secrets and having a hearty moment. While some were embarrassing, they were funny as hell too. The person who started exposing was Aima, and she said that Shahbaz easily spends 2-3 hours in the washroom getting ready. But this statement was justified by Shahbaz.

Then started the real battle, Shahbaz exposed Aima and said that she has a fake account from which she used to stalk him. He also said that Aima had a habit of napping anytime anywhere if she is feeling like it. He also said that if anyone other than Komal Baig tries to wake her up she gets angry and snaps at them.

Then Aima said that Shahzaib is too calm, which is a charming quality, he never gets angry nor has he ever fought with anyone. Aima also said that she is a biryani lover, and no matter if she just ate it, if it is served again she will eat it again. The reason she was told is that she thinks it is cheating on biryani if it’s served and she doesn’t eat it.
Shahbaz said that he has a habit of changing shirts at least 5-6 times a day, but he doesn’t even sweat much nor does he smell bad. To this, Aima said that he does sweat a lot, but he doesn’t smell bad.
That’s all of the secrets they shared with us on Ahsan khan’s show.