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Amna Usman replied to ongoing Uzma Khan controversy

Amna Usman, the wife of Usman Malik, released a video message in regard to conflict with entertainer Uzma Khan during a spilled video that broke the web on Wednesday. Amna Usman said that she needed to explain that my husband Usman Malik has nothing to do with Malik Riaz, including that he isn’t a piece of Malik Riaz’s close family. She named the occurrence an endeavor to defame Malik Riaz. “I realize the greatest slip-up is made by my significant other. I realize he is the individual who is to be accused of the most. I let him go,”

Amna said. Taking a correspond at Hassan Niazi, a social dissident, and legal advisor, Amna Usman said that Niazi was defaming Malik Riaz to settle his own scores. “This is a disagreement between Hassan Niazi and Malik Riaz, which Hassan is attempting to actually receive cash in return,” she included. She said Niazi likewise moved toward her to pay cash to Uzma Khan and Huma Khan to end the question. “We would not do as such as we are legitimate,” she included. Writer Shiffa Z Yousafzai shared the Amna Usman’s video on twitter.
Also, she explained, she didn’t jump into Uzma Khan’s home, and really it was my husband’s other house. It’s not possible for anyone to prevent me from visiting my husband’s home, she included. Amna said she gave warnings to Uzma Khan to spare her 13-year married life.

“This was not the first occasion when I have moved toward her. I have an 11-year-old kid and I have been experiencing to spare my marriage,” she included. “At the point when I followed my significant other and arrived at his home, I discovered Uzma and Huma there. What are they doing at my significant other’s home,” Amna addressed. Uzma answered that she sat Aitekaf at this house. Amna asserted that Uzma met her husband for the last three back to back days. She said she discovered medications and liquor at his husband’s home. During the video, she stated, she tossed that liquor at Uzma, not kerosene oil.