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“Angna” Getting Bad Reviews From The Public Due To Domestic Violence

In today’s world, everyone is busy improving his or her lifestyle. They are continuously trying their best to earn more and more income. Everyone is busy in the race of worldly activities. In this, they got no time to hang out with their loved ones. The only source of bringing them together is entertainment via television. There is a lot of content on television but Drama serials are the most viewed content by the Pakistani public. But now, the story line of drama serials urging people to take a step back from the television. There is a long list of dramas that show domestic violence and other activities that badly affect the mind of the viewer.

A new drama serial of ARY Digital “Angna” was also added to the list of these kinds of drama serials that joins the media with meaningless content. It has many scenes that allow the viewer to raise questions about its story.

Recently it got much criticism on a scene where Ali Abbas who is playing the role of husband slaps her wife Rabab Hashmi for the happiness of his mother who is Rubina Ashraf. Actually, in this drama serial, the writer is showing that Ali Abbas loves her mother so much and for this, he kept on neglecting the rights of his wife. Also, the mother-in-law (Rubina Ashraf) loves it whenever his son assaults his wife in front of her.