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Atiqa Odho thinks that Bilal and Yumna are the next big guns after Fawad and Mahira

In an ongoing drama serial, Pyar Ke Sadqay on-screen characters Bilal Abbas Khan and Yumna Zaidi have been thrown in irregular jobs. As Abdullah and Mahjabeen, they’re both exceptionally straightforward and blameless – not at all like others their age. This is the explanation they are frequently dismissed. In any case, the two appear to make an ideal match when they are together.


Attiq Odho is another senior actress who worked in a lot of dramas and she appears in charity shows as well. She appeared in Humsafar drama alongside Mahira and Fawad and the serial was a super-duper hit.


As she is part of the Ongoing serial “Piar k Sadqay” so she commented that the couple working in this drama can be the next big things in the industry and she even said that they can surpass Fawad Khana and Mahira Khan too that’s how they are working hard for their careers. The two stars are working the first time together and they have many successful projects credited to their names.