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Ejaz Aslam’s reaction came to the fore after criticism of the film 50 crores

Actor Ijaz Aslam’s reaction came to the fore after the criticism of the upcoming film ’50 Crore’ by social media users. Only after the release of the ’50 crore’ teaser of the upcoming film, social media users are criticizing the possible story including the cast of the film and saying that this film is a replica of the popular series ‘Money Heist’.


However, some users and fans also praised the director and producer for making the film in a unique way. Explaining this, the actor of the film Ejaz Aslam asked the fans to wait for the film before criticizing. He said that fans will watch the film and find it different.


The actor said that when you watch the film, then tell what is lacking and what is good, but do not check ahead of time, if there is a unique project coming, then appreciate it and after the project comes, you must express your opinion.