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Ertugrul’s Dogan alp sends love for Pakistani fans and wished to come Pakistan soon

Since the time the Turkish Drama Resurrection Ertugrul has hit the Pakistan Television screens, it has become another fixation of Pakistanis show mongers. Wherever you see individuals are talking about Ertugrul as the new sensation. Ertugrul has become a commonly recognized name for some while some have just gorged viewed the whole seasons. All the characters are much loved and admired by Pakistani viewers and sent their love to all the cast. All the stars are sending love to Pakistan too starting from Esra Bilgic then Engin Altan aka Ertugrul Gazi has sent love and wishes to Pakistani viewers.


Another star and drama star Cavit Çetin Güner who played the role of Dogan Alp also in his interview has sent love to Pakistani people. He even expressed his love in Urdu which is the national language here in Pakistan. He said ‘’Mein jald Pakistan aaunga’’ which means that he will soon visit Pakistan. He further added that Pakistan is like my second home and not only for me but all the Turks thinks the same way as it’s in our brought up and we were told to love Pakistan and Pakistani people as brothers. “Pakistan resembles my subsequent home. I am overpowered by the positive reaction we are getting for Ertugrul. Getting a ton of affection from my Pakistani fans, thank you it implies a great deal”. At long last he closed by bringing issues to light for COVID-19. “I need to come to Pakistan soon yet till then remain and home and continue viewing Ertugurl”, he included. The lead cast of the show has been adored by the bigger crowd. They have been inclining the nation over from the previous hardly any days be it for their dramatic acting aptitudes or genuine characters.