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Hamza Ali Abbasi announces return to showbiz

Leading actor Hamza Ali Abbasi, who departed from showbiz, is once again working on two projects in which fans will soon be able to see their favorite actor on-screen again a year later. Actor Hamza Ali Abbasi, who climbed to fame with Pyare Afzal, quit Showbiz a year ago and announced that he would devote his time to preaching and promoting religion. After that, a video of him went viral. He described his journey from atheism to Islam in a preaching manner.


Hamza Ali Abbasi was married to actress Nemal Bukhari last year and they have a beautiful son. After the marriage, while Hamza Ali Abbasi had said goodbye to acting, Nemal Bakari had informed the fans about his intention to spend all his time at home. Hamza Ali Abbasi was a guest on Express Entertainment with Ahmed Ali Butt and Gohar Rashid in the online entertainment program, in which he revealed that he will be seen on screen again after a gap of one year.


Hamza Ali Abbasi, in reply to the question of Ahmed Ali Butt said that I have not given up acting at all, yes I have taken a break of one year and in this regard he is also working on two projects.

It should be noted that actor Humayun Saeed had revealed in December last year that Hamza Ali Abbasi had said goodbye to the world of showbiz to become a scholar, after which he would return, but the nature of his work was patriotic and spiritual.