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Humayun Saeed & Hamza Ali Abbasi’s acting is being criticized by Nauman Ijaz

It won’t be wrong to straighten to say that Nauman Ijaz and disputation go together. The professional actor has worked over for three decades and his work is worth to pay off. And he has won much applause for his criticism. The fans, audience as well as the drama industry.

He is one of those celebrities who has never crumbled his words especially when it comes to expressing his frequently provoking statements and opinions even if his opinions have meant negatively criticizing dominant people and also fronting bans from various television channels.

In some interviews, he also stated regarding his way of voicing he claims that it’s a component of his nature. He says that he can’t politically correct himself because this is how he is. He speaks his mind and the truth.

He claims that he stayed true to himself while having an Instagram Live session with Vasay Chaudry a few days ago, where he puts his strong statements about Hamza Ali Abbasi and Humayun Saeed. He finds them imperfect when it comes to the acting field.

Nauman Ijaz Says That He is not A “Hamza Fan”

During the fiery live session in question, which was posted on Vasay Chaudhry’s Instagram account, had a short-term mean life, you can also cooperate on us to tell you the details you missed on. All the focus of the conversation has emphasized on  Hamza Ali Abbasi, who Nauman Ijaz thinks that he is not a great actor. The drama industry veteran also claims that Hamza Ali Abbasi has very oral fans on his social media. However, the opinion that was underline quite emphatically all over was that the Hamza Ali Abbasi had a lot of space to cover when it leads to the composite craft of acting.


Nauman Ijaz Didn’t Watch “Mere Pass Tum Ho”

When it comes to celebrities and quarreling, how can an interview or opinion be complete without their statements on the hit of the season, Meray Paas Tum Ho? Nauman Ijaz said that he didn’t watch the drama as he was itself busy with his drama shoots, But he also didn’t praise the acting skills of Humayun Saeed & Adnan Siddiqui. He further added that Humayun Saeed didn’t put up his as best as far as his histrionics were concerned but just might eventually get there through trial and error. Humayun Saeed recalled the time Ijaz played his dad in a drama serial, possibly addressing the kind of vibes he still gave off with his recent comments and unsolicited advice.