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Inzamam-ul-Haq Suffering From Heart Attack

Inzamam ul Haq is a famous former Pakistani cricketer known for his best performance as a captain. He was also a right-handed middle-order batsman, who came into the spotlight after the formal caption of Pakistan, and now prime minister of Pakistan, Imran khan noticed and appreciated him. He made a remarkable contribution in the world cup 1992, with his bat and gained his much-deserved popularity.

After he left the team, all the fans were sad but also very supportive sending him wishes for the best future. But now that this news came out of Inzamam having a severe heart attack, all the fans are worried sick. They all sent him prayers to get better soon. This medical attach was not sudden as he has been complaining of chest pain for the last 3 days as told by a website related to cricket and cricketers. When he checked in to the doctor, the results showed that he had suffered a severe heart attack and needs surgery as soon as possible. So he underwent an angioplasty surgery yesterday evening, on Monday.
He had already suffered from a heart attack in Lahore but the surgery was done after that in the evening. This is told by his manager. Now we have been informed from a source that he has a stent placed in his heart successfully. After that, his condition was declared stable, but still, he is in ICU so that the doctors can keep an eye on him like a hawk 24/7. He is currently in a private hospital in Lahore under doctors’ intense observation. The tests are showing positive result and we are hoping that he gets his health back as soon as possible and continue living a long and happy life! Stay blessed Inzamam ul Haq, all the best wishes are with you!