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Jannat Mirza has announced to come to Pakistan

Jannat Mirza is the top Pakistani Tik Tok star having 10 Millions followers. She has the distinction of being the most followed in Pakistan. Recently, she attend an interesting question and answer session on Instagram, She answered many question by her fans.

In one of his posts, She wrote “yes” to the question of moving to Japan, She said that Pakistan is very good. But here, the mentality of the people is not good.

In a recent session, a fan asked when you would return to Pakistan, to which Jannat wrote, “10 days later.”

A fan asked to her who live in japan??
She replied my uncle, Aunt and cousins live here. She also revealed a secret that her Father is Mirza while Mother is Pathan.

During the session, a follower made a unique request to share a photo of herself that no one has seen yet. In response, Jannat shared a charming photo while fulfilling the order.

Jannat, who has beautiful eyes, also told the fans that my eyes are like her grandmother’s,

Tea or coffee favourites, have made hot chocolate their favourite, while their favourite food is sushi, a Japanese dish. Jannat chose green over a choice of black and green.

One of the fan asked about the most memorable moment, she replied that once a small child in a tea cafe in Lahore saw me and started screaming and crying with joy. Before that, I had no idea that children would like me so much.

What does it feel like to have the most followers in Pakistan?

In response to this question, Jannat said that I have no competition with anyone, today I have followers, tomorrow there will be same as many others but now, it feels very good.


Jannat Mirza is also working in filmmaker Syed Noor’s film “Tere Bajre Di Rakhi” which has some shooting left.

Jannat also said that his film will be released in 2021.