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Leaked Audio and Everything Pointing at TikToker Ayesha Akram


the whole truth is coming out and all of it is pointing at TikToker, Ayesha Akram. All those tears and blames on people just for money and fame! But, everything is coming out clear now. When this case of Ayesha came, she was seen as a victim. Iqrar ul Hassan came over to her house, labeled her as his sister, and told her that he will help her however he can, and protect her with his all. But in return, what did she do? When the reality started coming upfront, Iqrar was devastated. He fought with all of Pakistan, including his family saying that if wrong has been done to a woman he will blindly believe her no matter what others are saying. Iqrar recently made an apology video regarding this matter. He said that he is ashamed of her, for someone who he made his sister with all his heart, and she didn’t think of his or her self-respect, and for what? A few lakhs? Degrading Pakistan for money and fame? Iqrar can be seen crying in the video, and honestly, I would be too, if someone betrayed me like that.

A few days ago, an audio call video was leaked in which Ayesha and her companion Rambo having a monetary conversation. It could be heard that Rambo was asking her exactly how many people were arrested there. She said that they were only six. He further said that they all looked poor, and estimated how much money they gave for bail. She said hardly 5 lakhs per head. This audio call got viral all over Pakistan, and right after that, another audio call was leaked. In this later call, Rambo can be heard saying that if he gets exposed, he won’t leave her too. He further said that if he gets arrested, he will not keep any secrets and tell the whole world about her agenda and blackmail her. This shows that all along the victim was the culprit.

If you know, Waqar Zakka had already predicted this. About 2 months ago, he posted on tweeter, in the favor of Ayesha, but right after that, he uploaded another post saying that whatever she did, will come undone in about 2 months. In a recent video, Waqar had an interview in which he talked about all the accusations he had to bear because he posted something that was the opposite of what people were saying at that time. He got a lot of hate for this but he didn’t back down. Now his predictions came true, and he said that he even tried to see what she would do by giving her a lakh rupees for the full video. He received the full uncensored video by paying her, he screenshotted that conversation, and in the video it can be seen that many people were helping her, not harassing her. The people who were harassing her were her companions. Even the police were hitting people to help her get out of the mess.

Another audio was released in which again Rambo and Ayesha were conversing. In this audio, Rambo was saying what will he say about the expensive phone that he brought for about 1.5 lakhs. In response she said that right now the police don’t know about the expensive phone, just the Samsung one is in the police’s hands. And if they got to know about it, just tell the police that this is madam’s, as in Ayesha herself and he was just using it for making the TikTok video. After that, she will deal with the police. This shows that she is hiding something big in her phone.
Let’s see what comes next as due to Rambo being arrested, a lot of secrets are being exposed. Don’t know who the culprit or the victim in this scene is, maybe there is no victim.