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Mathira’s Response to Her Leaked Video

The recent news of a Pakistani model and host, Mathira, has leaked. This video was of her being nude. There was another leaked video of hers. In this, there is nothing but what seems to be her in a BMW with her friends, saying double meaning vulgar sentences which have been circulating all over the internet since morning. Someone in the back seat seems to be recording her while she is talking about playing some songs while doing some vulgar acting, and saying words with double meanings, and calling everyone dirty-minded. 

This news doesn’t seem to shock the audience, as people already expected her to do stuff like this, due to her bold actions. But this news has been denied by the said person. When Mathira saw her being trended on the whole internet due to some vulgar video, she was enraged, she immediately refused to ever have uploaded these kinds of videos, and there is even a chat of her with someone regarding this issue. She said that she never uploaded the nude video but the video of her being in a car with her friend was real. She said that the car video was uploaded by her but not the nude one. She also claimed that her face has been photoshopped on whoever the girl is. She accepted that 2 videos on her Snapchat were uploaded by her, but she doesn’t accept this video ever being recorded or uploaded by her. 
In her recent post on Instagram, she was clearly saying that this video is not hers and whoever it was, is trying to defame her by posting such degrading stuff. She also said that her face has been edited or photoshopped on the girl’s body. Mathira said that she knows her body like the back of her hand, and that body doesn’t look like hers at all. She further justified and said that she has tattoos all over her body and also on her fingers. While in the video, it can be seen that the girl doesn’t have even one tattoo. This shows that whoever is trying to defame Mathira by showing her face, is not her.

Let me know what your thoughts are, but in my opinion, it is not her, due to the main reason that we all have seen Mathira’s hand tattoos. And this woman in the video has clean hands. Mathira also said that she will take legal actions against whoever it is, and won’t leave until she clears her name. We all know that this actress is a bold one but she has never posted such explicit stuff on social media.
Let’s wait for a few days and find out if it is true or not.