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Mufti Qavi Claims Alcohol Is Halal

Mufti Qavi returns with yet another controversy. Formerly involved in controversies with harem Shah and Qandeel Baloch (Late). The religious scholar now says that ‘’Alcohol consumption is Halal’’. In a recent interview he stated that alcohol derived from minerals such as petrochemicals and other substances in his view should be halal. He said that any drink containing 100% alcohol but is derived from minerals is halal forget about the 40% ratio.


However Jamia Binoria Karachi Chief Mufti Naeem has disagreed with this statement saying that the remarks are wrong and consumption of alcohol is not halal in any case and in any other sect as well. He again said that even a single drop of alcohol will render and impure the full pot of water and all the Ulemas of all sects have a unanimous view on that. He also lashed out the cleric describing him as a man of notorious reputation and dismissing his views as there is no point in his comments in any sect of Islam. Then he commented on the credibility of Mufti Qavi as he quoted the famous incident happened between Mufti Qavi and Qandeel Baloch and he noted that Qavi was also allegedly involved in Qandeel’s Murder. And as well know social media is cruel nowadays and that was expected and he gets bashed all over twitter and Instagram.


Mufti Qavi came into his defense and said that’’ A few days ago I received various calls from Europe and some youngster told me that Saudi Ulema had deemed those beverages halal containing 40$ or less of alcohol and the lesson to take from this incident is that homeopathic medicines or cough and flu medicines containing alcohol are halal and permissible for use. He then said that all that is haram is not impure in my view as we apply perfume containing alcohol on or clothes and it doesn’t make our clothes impure’’.