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Negative comments of Pakistanis against Turkey famous actress “Esra Bilgic’’

In a worldwide pandemic, the PTV started airing a Turkish fiction dramatization arrangement, Ertugrul, which experienced such a brilliant response in the nation that it turned out to be a piece of the national talk, causing a few discussions with respect to the credibility of our social circles.  Playing the spouse of the main character on the show is Turkish entertainer Esra Bilgic whose role of Halime Hatun has prompted male following in our nation. It didn’t take long for her fans to look her upward on Instagram, and afterward be quickly frustrated by the way that she, truth be told, didn’t dress or carry on like the spouse of a Muslim warrior from the thirteenth century.


Muslim men from Pakistan who had looked into a Turkish entertainer on a photograph and video sharing stage, felt it their obligation to instruct her, or harass her, or scold her – relying upon their self-assurance – on the morals of being a devout Muslim lady, somewhat alarmed by this delightful, Muslim lady who played by their standards on TV yet “broke” them via networking media yet kept on interesting them more than she incensed them. Something very wonderful had occurred, all things considered.


For quite a long time, Pakistani men had effectively kept up a polarity between the remote, white lady and the Muslim lady. While the white lady is an object of want and desire, on the double a lady to be dreaded, due to her shading, and a lady to be vanquished, in view of her sex. For it had been simpler with Pakistani on-screen characters.  Muslim ladies, who deviated, didn’t have a nearby male after of such life and needed to become acclimated to their characters being addressed over the smallest diversions from anticipated conduct. “Is this the Islamic Republic of Pakistan?” has nearly rose to informal status on Pakistani twitter, consistently used to subtitle pictures where Pakistani entertainers show even the scarcest piece of skin or are found in nearness to male associates. Here are some of the comments she received from all over the world especially Pakistanis.