New Twist in TikToker Ayesha Akram’s Incident

On Friday, 8th of October, it was said that a total of 8 people were arrested based on the assault of a female TikToker, Ayesha Akram by the Lahore police. These arrests have been made by the supplementary statements given by Ayesha, in written form. This is according to the Shariq Jamal khan, the DIG of Lahore investigation.
In the starting when this incident happened, police arrested more than 100 people, but recently a total of 98 were released because Ayesha didn’t recognize them. She said that they were not present at that moment the incident happened.
Recently Ayesha has nominated a total of 13 suspects including her partner amir Sohail alias Rambo, who was with her at the time of the incident. In the starting, about 8 people were arrested, and Sohail was one of them.
Ayesha held Rambo responsible for all the mishaps that happened at the site in Lahore on the independence day, with her and her companions. She said that Sohail had planned this incident with some of his companions, and recording the obscene videos. Also, it was further said by her that he has been blackmailing her by saying that he will upload her whole uncensored scenes of the incident. He has been taking money in return, almost a million rupees have been extorted from her. In direct words, she said that half of her salary has been going to him and his partner Badshah who are running some type of a TikTok gang.

In return, the DIG of Lahore investigation reassured her that all the other people will be arrested soon as the case is still being carried out by the law.
The case
This case has come to the surface when a video had been made viral of a TikToker and her companions being assaulted and harassed by a large group of men. In the video, it was seen that the abusers were laughing and making dirty jokes along with using filth language at Ayesha. They were all around her, surrounding her from everywhere, groped her, and ripped her clothes from places. It was seen that some men were trying to protect her but they were failing miserably because the offenders were in a large amount. She can be seen struggling helplessly in their holds.
And after that, Lahore police made a case against all the unidentified men who were at the site during the incident. The FIR registered has a copy available with in the complaint, it was said that Ayesha along with her 6 team members was at the site for filming a TikTok video when about 400 men attacked them. She said that she made a lot of efforts to free herself from them but they were persistent. They tugged her to the extent her clothes tore apart. She said some people tried to help but they have pushed aside, even the guards couldn’t help her.
Along with this, she was looted of all her accessories and her valuable things like her mobile, Rs.15000, her identity card, and every other valuable she had. But all of them were unidentified.
The FIR made was under sections 354 A, 382, 147, and 149 which includes all the assaults, harassment, force against women, etc. of the Pakistan penal code.