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Noman ijaz criticized for cheating his wife and confessing his love for other women – #MeToo

Leading Pakistani TV actor Noman Ijaz has been criticized for openly confessing his love for non-women despite being married. A video of Noman Ijaz is going viral on social media in which he is giving an interview to Iffat Omar and confessing his love about which even his wife does not know.

During the interview, Iffat Omar told Noman Ijaz that artists are a little in love, so what is the secret of your successful married life in this situation? To which Noman Ijaz said that we are not a little but very much in love and the credit for his successful married life is good acting.

On this post, Famous Waseem Akram’s wife Shaniera Akram replied “This is a comedy right??? Like this man is playing a character right? Please tell me this is not a serious interview…. please“.

Host Iffat Omar asked Noman Ijaz, “Did your heart ever slip?” To which he said that my heart has slipped not once but many times, even when I am on the way, my heart slips when I see women and I do not even control it.

Iffat Umran asked another question, “Have you ever had a day of love in your life?” To which Noman Ijaz said, “Do I love every moment of a day, every day? I am a man who loves very much and I love a woman who is beautiful inside and out”


Iffat Omar asked in amazement, “Does your wife feel bad that you fall in love with other women while she is with you?” I don’t know about it. Even the husbands of the women I have relationships with do not know our love. During the same interview, Noman Ijaz also spoke about the global campaign to harass women “#MeToo” and said that all this is happening due to distance from religion. Because this nation does not understand religion at all. Our nation is caught between QTV and MTV.

This interview of Noman Ijaz has been going viral on social media and people are criticizing him and calling him a hypocrite. One user said that Noman Ijaz was killed in the cycle of becoming “Cole”. Some people said do bad things and proudly say wow what a talent. If his wife had said all this about another man, she would have immediately felt ashamed.


On this viral video, many people share their thoughts. Ali Gul Pir made his own version, including veteran actor #NaumanEjaz who recently admitted to having affairs with other women during his marriage in an interview with #IffatOmar. The video of Ali Gul Pir is going viral crazy.