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Pakistani actors come to the rescue of Ertugrul stars from desi trolls

Turkish drama Dirilis Ertugrul has cleared over TV screens the nation over. It has gotten a large measure of applause by Pakistanis. Be that as it may, likewise it is getting some undesirable consideration too by the Pakistani fans.
In our nation with colossal prevalence accompanies its cost. Pakistan’s moral police continued focusing on famous people on an individual and expert level. This time, our keyboard warriors have now pointed their guns towards the superstars.


Esra Bilgic who plays Halima Sultan and Engin Altan Duzyatan who articles the lead job of Ertugrul Ghazi has been examined concerning being a Muslim as their genuine pictures became a web sensation. The striking look of Esra and the way of life of Engin has raised a new topic. Be that as it may, numerous Pakistani celebrities have acted the hero and lashes out at the trolls for focusing on them

On-screen character and a TV show host Ahsan Khan was the first to address the issue. Taking to Twitter, the on-screen character solicited individuals to save the cast from Ertugrul. ‘It’s disgusting’

Some other Paki celebs are thought that it’s not a very good thing to interfere or judge someone from their personal life it’s their own choice to live the way they want to. Another actor Ahmad Ali Butt who is a known comedian too also taunted on Pakistani community over this issue as he posted a story on Instagram with the pictures of Gazi Cast and he wrote on it ‘’ Dear Pakistanion Pakistani Bano Susraal Nahi’’. Turkish TV drama is breaking a world record of most new subscribers in a month on YouTube. In the wake of being disclosed on the Pakistan Television (PTV), the YouTube station has crossed one million endorsers.


Yasir Hussain also upload a story in which he said “bus isi liye mai social media comments ko ignore krta hun. kyon k yeh toh haal hai faraghat ka”


Armeena Khan also tweets on this topic she said “I’m sorry but WHY?! It’s bad enough that Pakistani actors/actresses are bullied under the guise of religion. Now, we are going to further embarrass ourselves by preaching to international actors on international platforms. This is unbelievable! Don’t @ me!


Nonetheless, in the wake of going over the authority Instagram records of the stars, and getting a brief look at their genuine lives, the trolls had an emergency. They are blaming the entertainers for following Western culture and not acting like Muslims. Indeed, it’s their own lives and it’s a bit much for them to follow what they appear on the TV.