Pakistani Celebrities

Pakistani actors with their own YouTube channels

As we all know that YouTube is one of the biggest revenue-generating industries right now not only in Pakistan but all over the world. Thousands of people became stars through their YouTube stuff and their channels. In Pakistan a lot of people especially youth is very active on YouTube as well as out media industry stars. Media industry stars already have a huge fan following and they don’t mind to combine this with some social media fan following. Here are some actors we will talk about today having their own YouTube channels on which they share beauty tips, VLOGS, and travel logs which are much enjoyed by their audience.


1) Bilal Khan

Bilal Khan is a well-known singer and actor who got stardom after his song ‘’Bachana’’ and he was also featured in Coke studio which was liked a lot by his fans. After his fame, he gets a role in his first drama ‘Sammi’ and after that he never looked back and after that He got a role in ‘’Khamoshi’’. Khamoshi was more famous because its OST was sung by himself. Bilal Khan was one of the earliest actors to appear on YouTube. He has a huge sum of 460k subscribers and he shares his VLOGS and songs and gets a good amount of views.


2) Noor Bukhari


Noor Bukhari is also a famous actress. She left the Film and media industry a long time ago and according to her she won’t be coming back so she started her own youtube channel where she shares and documents her life with her fans. She shares Makeup Tips and talks about women’s problems.

She has 381k Subscribers and gets a good amount of views as well.


3) Zahid Ahmed


Zahid Ahmed is a famous actor with a very humble background and he had to struggle a lot before coming to Industry but after staring in his dramas people used to love him and got famous in a quick time. Nowadays after many people joining YouTube Zahid also started his channel on which he uploads his life stories and most religious stories and sayings about Life and Islam. He Got 105k subscribers in a very short span of time and also gets a huge amount of views.


4) Faisal Rahman


Faisal Rahman is a versatile actor who started Media career at his very early age and he is still shocking the fans with his amazing acting skills and energy. He also started YouTube channel to interact with his fans and right now he has 16.7k subscribers and he shares his VLOGS, Behind the scenes from his dramas and random scenes from his upcoming projects with his audience.


5) Hania Amir


Hania Amir is another young talented actress from Pakistan. She got famous after his drama ‘’Titli’’ which was a super hit and she didn’t stop there as she stared into films as well such as Na Maloom Afrad 2 along with Fahad Mustafa and Jawed Sheikh. Later she was stared in another movie called ‘’Parwaz Hai Junoon’ alongside Hamza Ali Abbasi and Ahad Raza Mir. She also started her YouTube channel and her channel was viewed by a huge number of fans and right now she has 341k subscribers where she uploads her travel Logs and her daily routine with her fans.


6) Saba Qamar


Recently Saba Qamar is moving to the YouTube platform. Saba Qamar is now making content for her YouTube channel. A week ago Saba Qamar released a teaser of her new first upcoming Youtube episode named ‘Isolation’.  Saba Qamar has 30.4k subscribers.