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Pakistani Artist community also took to the streets over the motorway rape case

There is a great deal of grief and anger among the people regarding the motorway rape case and the entire nation is uniting and demanding the public execution of the accused of rape. Some people are also calling for the removal of the sexual capacity of these criminals The government has also decided to bring in a law.


Artists protest against motorway abuse case at Karachi Press Club. On this occasion, actress Ayesha Omar said that no one is safe here, we know from the age of three that we are not safe, if we have to live with fear, then who are the protectors, if the protectors tell us that they are safe. If not, what is the need of them, what are we paying taxes for when public execution is not a solution, we are demanding the fastest trial.


Actress Maira Khan said that we also came to protest for Zainab, a woman does not lose her dignity, the dignity of the abuser is lost, we have a huge responsibility, we have to teach children everything in our daily life.


Actor Yasir Hussain said that CCPO Lahore has spoken foolishly, now men have to be taught how to get up and sit.


Adnan Siddiqui said that women have an equal part in the society, it is now impossible to consider a woman as a shoe, we will keep talking until there is accountability, women will be shot on cameras while appearing in the courts. It is done, strange questions are asked of women, it should be stopped now, it is my responsibility and the responsibility of this society.


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Aghast and enraged at the barbaric rape in Lahore. How could someone be so callous?! This perversity is appalling and numbing. What have we become? Where are we headed to as a society? Worse than animals. She was a hapless woman waiting for someone to come and help her. If raping a woman makes you feel like a man, makes you feel all powerful, then you are nothing but impotent. We cry hoarse all the time about women’s empowerment, making them self-dependent, encouraging them to study and work. What about their safety? Why can’t we ensure that they are able to move around freely during the day and after dark too? Why can’t we respect their individuality, their identity? Why is she always a piece of meat to be pounced upon? Why do we repeatedly fail them? If they aren’t safe in their own country, where are they? These questions are gnawing on me but I have no answer. My head hangs in shame. I am really sorry…🙏 . . . #publichangingofrapists

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“I want the culprits of rape to be kept alive, not to be hanged, but to be allowed to live without arms, legs and limbs,” said Bushra Ansari. They ruin women’s lives. He said that such people should be deprived of their sexual ability and their arms and legs should be broken so that they can become a lesson for others.


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Thinking wat to ask n what to think..just want the rapist to be alive..not to be hanged..they should live the rest of their lives , with the pain n helplessness with broken legs broken arms and with out the organs which destroy women and their souls..They should be alive to witness the hatred and pain of dying everyday like the rape victims and acid burnet those parents who die every nite n every day..after their innocent boys n baby girls are brutal death..I demand and strongly demand to.cut and throw their sickness tools …and make them.impotent..n break their legs n hands so that they just become a symbol for all others who are going to do this today tomorrow or day after.Because they will keep doing this until they don’t see these results.PHANSI IS JUST A FEW MINUTES PUNISHMENT.BUT THEY SHUOLD BE A REAL “IBRAT” KA NISHAN..BUSSS BIHAT HOGAYA…BUSSSSSSS…Islam ki boat karty hain to practical banain.aankh k badly ankh.. to izzat or zillat k badly zillat…pl maulana Tariq Jameel.koi dharna koi ehtejaj ap bhi to Karen…ap ki yahan bohat zuroorat hay..boliayyyyy…please..

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