Pakistani Celebrities

Pakistani celebrities who disappeared from screens

We have seen a lot of celebrities all around the word that nowadays people get limelight over the night and then they disappear after the storm gets over but today we will talk about the famous old celebrities who worked a lot for the industry but they disappear all of a sudden. Some of them are


Sahiba Afzal

One of the most prominent names is Sahiba Afzal. She worked in a lot of Punjabi and Urdu movies since 1992. Her debut movie was ‘ Mohabbat ke Saudager’ which was released in 1992 then she gave some hit films such as  ‘’Hero’’, ‘’Khazana’’, ‘’Munda Bigar Jaye’’, ‘’Hum To chalay susraal and many more. She then married her fellow actor Afzal Khan also known as John Rambo and then she left the industry now she two sons.



Resham was one of the biggest stars of the Lollywood industry but she stopped working. She started her career at her early age as she did tv dramas but her debut film was Jeevan that was released in 1995 from there she got a kick start and she ruled the industry throughout the ’90s. She gave films like ‘’ Chor Machaye Shor ‘’, Ghunghat’’ and both were released in 1996 and in 1997 she gave the film ‘’Sangam‘’ for which she won the national award of best actress. She gave her last film ‘’Love Mein Ghum’’ in 2011 which was directed by Reema Khan and in 2017 she made her proper comeback to the films in a social drama film called ‘’swaarangi’’ but it was a huge flop and even was banned in some cities throughout the country and after that, she disappeared from the big screen. We still see her in Dramas and commercials but She won’t be coming back to the big screen.


Reema Khan

Reema khan is another addition to the list. She also ruled the film industry in the ’90s and she was first given a movie in 1990 by the director Javed Fazil in his movie called ‘’Bulandi’’

She appeared in over 200 movies and even she got pride in performance award in 2019 for her services to the Lollywood and Tv industry. Her last film was ‘’Love Mein Ghum’’ which was directed by herself and in November 2011 she got married to a Pakistani- American Cardiologist and she left the big screen and she gave birth to a son in 2015. We can see her on charity shows and commercials but she is long gone from Industry.


Babra Sharif

Babra was born in March 1964. In her early career she worked in TV commercials. Later when she joined industry she worked with all the greats such as Nadeem, Waheed Murad, and even Sultan Rahi. She worked in over 100 movies in her career but in the early ’90s and even critics call her the best actress of her time but she was out of the limelight in early 90’s when she gave flop films but she came back in 1995 with a bang and gave a box-office success which was ‘’Hum Nahi ya Tum Nahi’’ and in 1995 she gave another success ‘’Sajawal’’ but after regaining success she decided to quit the industry and we didn’t see her again on the big screen.