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Pakistanis reaction and funny memes on Shehroze and Sadaf wedding

Updates on the couple having a nikah were overflowing via web-based networking media. Notwithstanding, since Sadaf changed her name, photos of the recently married couple have begun flowing as well. Both famous people have additionally shared pictures from the private function on their Instagram.


Shahroz Sabzawari and Sadaf Kanwal broke the internet. And people are not happy with it. The news of Syra and Shahroz’s separation came out with another news that the reason behind their separation is Sadaf Kanwal, who is been in a relationship with Shehroz Sabzwari. In a video clip, Shehroze Sabzwari said that Sadaf Kanwal is like a sister to me but now they got engaged. However, Syra Yousaf is still silent that is good and everyone is appreciating it.


However, both Sadaf and Shehroze have turned off their comments section but still, it didn’t stop Pakistanis to stop talking about Sadaf and Shahroz’s marriage. People started calling Sadaf Kanwal a ‘homewrecker’ and even they made fun of their previous statement that once Shehroze Sabzwari said Sadaf Kanwal is to me like a sister.



Pakistanis don’t like how Sadaf Kanwal destroys Syra Yousaf’s happy life. Pakistanis don’t leave any opportunity to make funny memes and this time again they have taken Shahroz and Sadaf’s wedding as a meme war :).  Here are the famous memes