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PEMRA is going to ban Amir Liaqat

Amir Liaqat is a sitting MNA from the ruling party Pakistan Tahreek-e- Insaf and he is a TV host as well and he faced a lot of controversies before but it seems like he doesn’t want to learn at all. He was bashed on social media after he leveled the allegations against disappeared social activists and bloggers on his TV show on Bol News. An activist Jibran Nasir Filed a complaint with PEMRA following the incident accusing him of running a life-threatening and false campaign against him. He did not stop there as he went on to claim blasphemy allegations against Jibran that he is an administrator of Facebook Page named ‘’Bhainsaa’’ and he sent a copy to Pemra Chairman Absar Alam too.


In reply Pemra said that they already have a lot of hate speech complaints against Amir Liaqat Hussain. After the complaint, the regulatory authority has prohibited Amir Liaqat from hosting a program or to appear on Bol news any way including as a guest, analyst, promoter and actor and they have noticed the channel that the channel breaches the ban they will have to face the consequences and their license will be suspended. And Pemra then said that Amir Liaquat is prohibited to come on any other channel and spread hate speech as calling someone Kaafir or Ghaddar as under the constitution of Pakistan is the exclusive jurisdiction of the Supreme Parliament of Pakistan. And the authority said that it was not a sudden ban as they were monitoring his speeches for a long time and he never stops to spread hate and the complaints will be forwarded to the council of complaints about further action.



Last week the interior ministry also issued a letter that there was no truth to any media reports that online case was filed against any activist accusing of blasphemy and they claim these allegations to be ‘’Ridiculous’’