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Rabi Pirzada is going to launch a hijab and abaya brand

Rabi Pirzada is a well-known singer and Model. She faced a lot of controversies because of her pictures with snakes. Recently her video got leaked containing adult material and she defended her upon that and that incident completely changed her life as she decided to quit the media industry and devote herself to Islam. After that she also decided to work for women empowerment in a positive way.

In an interview she stated that “At the point when I got back home a couple of days ago, five ladies were outside my home for help. These ladies said that you help us significantly in the wake of having no source of salary as you left showbiz.” “Despite the fact that I didn’t address the inquiry, these ladies said they knew the specialty of sewing. They needed to express gratitude toward me by sewing my garments, cooking, and cleaning my home, said that she moved to tears by this.  She said that it was then she got the plan to dispatch her own dress image.  I thought of the possibility that on the off chance that they realize how to sew, we should begin another business of making and selling abayas and hijabs,” she said.


She accepts that with this independent company she will urge ladies to work for themselves. She said it was good to teach them the art rather than giving them a limited amount of money so I taught them the skills and I provided them a platform to show their skills to empower themselves. She told in an interview that we are 3 partners in this business. One is my God 2nd is these 5 women and the 3rd one is Me. She has already started making abayas and hijabs and she posted on social media that fans should suggest her brand name. She went on to Umrah right after quitting showbiz and she has filed a complaint to FIA seeking action against her privacy breach