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Rabi Pirzada started carrying gun during traveling

After the motorway tragedy, actress Rabi Pirzada has started carrying arms during her travels. Actress Rabi Pirzada has started walking with arms after the incident of rape on the motorway. On the social networking site Twitter, he shared a picture in which he has a weapon in his car.


On Twitter, Rabi Pirzada said, “Today I am going from Lahore to Gujranwala alone on the motorway to meet my mother. I wish I could kill such people myself. Who knows better than me that this woman will be punished for someone else’s mistake.” There will be live when we earn sin by mocking every person who is oppressed.

There is a great deal of grief and anger among the people regarding the motorway rape case and the entire nation is uniting and demanding the public execution of the accused of rape. Some people are also calling for the removal of the sexual capacity of these criminals The government has also decided to bring in a law.

Pakistani Artists protest against the motorway rape case at Karachi Press Club. On this occasion, actress Ayesha Omar said that no one is safe here, we know from the age of three that we are not safe, if we have to live with fear, then who are the protectors, if the protectors tell us that we are safe. If not, what is the need of them, what are we paying taxes for when public execution is not a solution, we are demanding the fastest trial.


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