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Sad News of Legend Umer Shareef’s Death in Germany

A famous TV star, comedian of Pakistan just died today, sad news for all of us Pakistanis. Umer Sharif of age 66, a veteran Pakistani comedian and a media personality died in Germany today, Saturday. The reason said is that he was suffering from several illnesses at a time and due to that he was admitted to a German hospital where he passed away. He was about to be sent to the US for better treatment when suddenly his health deteriorated and he passed away before the doctors could do anything.

Dr. Muhammad Faisal, The Pakistani ambassador of Germany passed this news to everyone in Pakistan on his tweeter showing his sorrow on our one of the best comedian’s death. He also sent his condolences to Umer Sharif’s family and friends. He also wrote that the CG was also present at the hospital to help assist the family anyhow.
Even before his death, Umer Sharif’s wife Zareen had shared about his health and his being wheelchair-bound. She also shared that due to his failing health he was taken to the US, on her Facebook account. This already gave the fans an idea of how bad the situation was and what was about to happen.
You might be wondering why Sharif was so famous in Pakistan. He was a comedian grown famous after his TV series with the name banda Rishton pe. This program was hilarious along with sharifs lines. Even Kapil Sharma, an Indian comedian, passed his tribute to our beloved comedian, saying goodbye to him and wishing for his soul to rest in peace. He even did this post with the hashtag Umer Shareef.

Umer was born in Karachi, Pakistan in 1955, and started his comedy career when he was just 14 years old. The 1980s and 1990s were the decades that he rocked and became worldwide famous. Even in the early 2000s, he was the one! He also worked as a producer, director, and actor along with his comedian career.
Umer received the national awards for two things: the best actor and the best director that too in the year 1992. The film he won these awards was Mr 420. Also, the show was called the Shareef show as he was the host in it and he made it a popular Geo TV show with his hosting skills