Shaneira Akram said: Me and Wasim are proof that color means absolutely nothing

As we all know a lot of events are going by in the world like a pandemic and so on, but one of the biggest things going is racism which was started when USA Police killed a black guy named “George Floyd” and all the people not only black Americans but people all over the world whether black or white they stood up for racism and they showed their support against racism. In Pakistan, there is a discussion going on as well and wife of cricketer Wasim Akram also said her words as she said The latest being her Instagram post which describes how her relationship with Wasim Akram is living proof of why your race and color don’t make a difference. The lady shared a picture of her and her husband’s hands covering with their wedding rings obvious, alongside a subtitle portraying a progression of bigot remarks. “He just married her since she’s white. She should be simple! Does his skin smell unique? For what reason would he be able to wed a Brown young lady? It’s not normal for two skin hues to blend!”


The post proceeded, “Interracial connections never work. What spell did she put on him? He will never pay attention to you since you’re white. You’re both so extraordinary. You will never be acknowledged as a genuine couple. His children can’t have a gori stepmother. In the event that you have kids, they will grow up confounded and rewarded in an unexpected way.” Subsequent to posting down these spontaneous comments Shaniera stated, “We have had it on the two sides, it’s terrible and unjustifiable! Skin shading just difficulties the individuals in this world who see it. Like a huge number of others, we are living proof and example that colors imply literally nothing, love does.”


Before this healthy portrayal, Shaniera had additionally closed down a derisive troll on her Twitter handle– criticizing her for being white. In her tweet, she expressed, “I’ve been living in Pakistan for over eight years. I have seen a great deal yet nothing terrified me more than the way, we as a nation, have taken care of this pandemic. I dread we are past the phase of ‘in the event that we contract COVID, each family unit should now plan for the future.