Syrian YouTuber spends 25 million on child gender announcement

The famous YouTuber couple revealed the gender of their second child on the tallest building in Dubai Burj Khalifa on which 25 million has been paid in Pakistani rupees. Anas and Asala Marwi are Canadian-born Syrian YouTubers currently based in Dubai. The couple’s first child is their daughter, but Asla hid the gender of her second child after she became pregnant, and the announcement was made in a ten-second display on Dubai’s tallest building Burj Khalifa, for which a massive sum has been spent.


Asala is currently popular on YouTube and she and her husband are known for vlogs and pranks on YouTube. On the other hand, he has 7.75 million subscribers on YouTube and millions of fans on Instagram. That’s why this couple is earning a lot of money.

That’s why he announced the gender of his child on the back of the 828-meter-high Burj Khalifa, where the first countdown began and when it was zero, it read in English, “Its a boy.” Has been uploaded to which millions of people have viewed.


There is a hefty fee to display any promotional material on the Burj Khalifa and the couple has paid 95 95,000, meaning that Rs 23 million has been spent on just a ten-second display. Many users have congratulated the couple on this. However, some YouTube users have strongly criticized it. Some people have described it as a ploy of the rich. Another user said that people in Syria are in dire straits and instead of helping them, money is being spent on wasteful activities.