Top reasons of temporary ban for TikTok in Pakistan

There are five main reasons why the video-sharing app ‘TikTok’ has been banned. The Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) has banned the video-sharing app ‘TicTok’ after complaints of immoral and inappropriate content from various departments.

Since the short video sharing app was banned in Pakistan, some people appreciated the decision and some criticized it. Instead of supporting it, it demanded the removal of controversial material and the lifting of the ban.


Immoral content:

To most people, the ban on TicTok talk is just because of the immoral content, but it’s not. There are basically five main reasons for banning the short video sharing app, the first of which was the PTA’s statement that it was sharing unethical content. The fact that the content of +18 on ‘TikTok’ was also being shared without any filter and the majority of the users of this app are young people who had easy access to all the immoral content so PTA had to take this step after several warnings.


Ignoring PTA instructions:

Another reason for the ban on TikTok was to disregard instructions from the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA), meaning that the PTA initially warned the TikTok administration after public complaints and censored inappropriate content. Give some important instructions that if not followed this app will be banned. In this regard, PTA had given detailed reasons in its tweet before.


Waste of time:

Just as a person becomes addicted to any drug and enjoys it regardless of the time and the world, so the younger generation became addicted to TikTok and used TikTok for hours instead of educational and sports activities. Not only was it a waste of time but the app was also preventing young people from being creative.


Increase in deaths:

PUBG Mobile was also banned before the talk show (which was later lifted) because it affected the health of young people and caused many deaths due to the game. TikTok deaths have risen sharply, with young people often crashing on the road, making the live video in front of a moving vehicle or high-speed train. In the world average, 37 young people around the world die making TikTok lives.


Mental illness and social problems:

The last reason for banning TikTok is mental illness and social problems. Most psychologists believe that TikTok can cause various mental illnesses in young people including eating disorders, self-harm and so on. In addition, the misuse of women’s videos on TikTok also affects their lives, while there are numerous examples of bullying by boys that cause social problems.


TikTokers and Showbiz Figures reaction:

  • Actor Muneeb Butt tweeted that Tik Tak has been banned, people had small joys, I am sorry for TikTok stars.
  • Leading host Iqrar al-Hassan, In his tweet, expressed reservations about the ban, saying “I did not have an account on TikTok and I do not intend to do so in the near future, but I still think that banning anything is not a problem.” If there is no solution, try to fix the flaws on any platform and not shut it down completely.
  • Model and actress Nadia Hussain sarcastically said in her tweet that you should forget the accused who killed innocent Zainab after rape in Charsadda, forget the rapist of the tragic incident of motorway, forget the killer of Marwa. Forget it all. But you just have to ban dramas, advertisements and TikTok because that is the biggest problem of our society. Hareem Shah also grieved the ban on TikTok, saying that banning anything is not the solution to the problem.
  • Yasir Hussain justified the statement of Aqarul Hassan and said, “Absolutely right, this is not the solution to the problem. We reduce the food of those who have a bad stomach and do not stop eating for everyone.
  • In a telephone conversation from Japan to Pakistan on various TV channels, TikTok star Jannat Mirza supported instead of opposing the ban on the TikTok app and said that he was in Japan and had received news from Pakistan about the ban on TikTok. I myself wanted a ban on TikTok, but it should not be on a permanent basis.