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Usman Mukhtar’s film “Bench” is part of the International Film Festival

After getting success in Parchi & Anna now Usmaan Mukhtaar is very excited. He is ready to get fame by his short film Bench which is nominated in the Independent Short Films Awards in Los Angeles California. Usman Mukhtaar & model Rubya Chaudhry are playing the main roles in this film.

Basically, it is the story of a couple who is sitting on a bench & highlighting the social issues & General problems of life. The famous actor & director Usmaan Mukhtaar’s film Bench was recently screened at Cannes international independent film award in France. This festival is facing a striking resemblance to the world’s oldest & the prestigious Cannes festival which is now no more part of the Cannes.

The 3 days festival was started on October 18, Bench was shown on the last day October 20. The Pakistani Twitter handler embassy in France has also tweeted on it.

Including Bench, more than 70 countries’ films were also screened at the first CIIF Festival.