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Uzma Khan’s reaction on the viral video

A couple of days prior a video of Uzma Khan broke the web wherein Uzma Khan alongside her sister Huma Khan was been referred by a woman for taking part in an extramarital affair with her husband. Today after all the embarrassment Uzma Khan approached with an answer. Uzma stated: “I have been disgraced, extorted, annoyed, and been taken steps to kill in the previous 3 days. I believe I have nothing to lose now and I have chosen to battle the most grounded individuals of Pakistan. For me it is possible that I get equity or I will be executed however there is no turning around now, I will battle against daughters (Amber Malik and Pashmina Malik) of Malik Riaz who raged into my home around 12 AM with 12 guards” “I trust I am as much Pakistani as Malik Riaz” says Uzma Khan, Uzma Khan has documented an FIR against the daughters of Malik Riaz. We all believe that as we saw in the leaked video she was sitting with a man who is called Usman everywhere and he is referred as a son in law of business tycoon Malik Riaz and the guards with guns broke into Uzma Khan’s house and the daughters started yelling and threatening the actress and her sister claiming that they have an extramarital affair with her husband and social media gone mad after watching all this because in the video only actress and her sister are claimed to be on the mistake but people are saying that why not Usman is held accountable as same as them?


The next day her lawyer posted a picture with a police officer picture that we went to station but no one is registering FIR against the mafias.
And later at night Uzma khan came on the video with a copy of FIR which she said that I thank my lawyer that he stood with me and I will go every limit to get justice and I appeal everyone to stand by me.
We accept that what Uzma Khan did isn’t directly in any way. It is profoundly shameless to be involved with a wedded man, yet the same goes for Mr. Usman also. He ought to be considered similarly responsible, why everyone is hitting out Uzma Khan?