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Watching Ertugrul drama is haraam says Dr.Zakir Naik

Ertugrul, the Turkish drama that follows back the historical backdrop of one of the greatest Islamic history, the Ottoman Empire, is presently being on-aired in Pakistan on PTV. The arrangement was communicated principally in view of the endorsement and request of the PM of the nation, Imran Khan, who expressed, Ertugrul, would permit individuals to follow back their Islamic roots and connect with the rich Muslim history. In spite of the fact that the drama is astoundingly coordinated with high creation esteems and is being adored all more than, various big names in Pakistan have stood firm against it. However, that centers on a totally unique explanation about how Ertugrul is messing up the business for the neighborhood drama industry.


In any case, one strict researcher, the prestigious Zakir Naik, as of late thought of a fatwa about how watching Ertugrul was in reality haram. In a video via web-based networking media, Zakir Naik is seen expressing that Ertugrul is Haraam. “There are ladies without hijaab in the arrangement, there is music in it, there are sure things in the arrangement which conflict with a Muslim’s tradition so accordingly it isn’t completely allowable in Islam.” Including further, Zakir Naik additionally expressed, “There are no kissing scenes or lovemaking scenes in the arrangement like those Bollywood or Hollywood movies, the greater harams, however indeed, and there are sure things which make it Haraam. In this manner somebody who isn’t viewing Ertugrul, I will say not to watch it since it is Haraam.”


“Yes, what I came to know from the articles that I’ve read it is less (haraam). It cannot be fully permissible as there are lady actors that are not in the hijab. So it cannot be 100% halal. There is music in it which cannot be haraam, but there are hugging scenes, etc. But surely it is not like normal movies, like Bollywood and Hollywood, there is no smooching there are no love-making scenes, etc. Yes shaking hands, hugging, etc”.