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What did the crazy fan do with Atif Aslam’s car for not taking picture

In an interview, singer Atif Aslam narrated the story of his emotional fan, how his fan damaged his car when he did not take a picture. Singer Atif Aslam has millions of fans all over the world including Pakistan and India who love him immensely with his voice. Incidents of celebrities, especially artists, and their passionate and crazy fans often come to the fore, which shows how crazy some fans are for their favorite artists.


A similar incident happened with Atif Aslam, which he described in an interview. An old video of Atif Aslam is going viral on social media in which he participated in a private TV channel show joke night where he told the story of one of his crazy fans saying that my car was parked outside a friend’s house. At that time a fan of mine came and said that I want to take a picture with you.

And I said I remember I took a picture with you three days ago on which this fan said no he was not me there was someone else on which Atif Aslam said no I will not take a picture with you because I took a picture with him and then I went inside.


Atif Aslam added that when I came out two hours later, there were marks all over my car and it was written in the car, Atif Aslam, I love you.

The show’s host Wasi Chaudhry, singer Aima Baig and other participants were shocked to hear this incident of Atif Aslam.