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Yasir Hussain speak up against Turkish dramas on PTV

While Turkish dramas have been somewhat well known here for a considerable length of time, one can’t deny the gigantic effect this particular show has had an effect. From discussions around Esra Bilgic to the significance of the show or the clearly enormous impact of Turkish substance in Pakistan, something or the difference keeps on welcoming the focus on the dramatization.


Yasir Hussain has a few considerations to share also, and from its vibes, he is disappointed. Yasir recently posted a story on Instagram saying that we should focus on our homemade dramas with our own technicians, He said “PTV should make fair dramatizations and utilize our own on-screen characters and experts. Those on-screen characters which are skilled and settle their expenses. Both [Imported] garments and Turkish dramatizations can devastate the nearby business.” He included, “When your sibling, sister, and father will be unemployed and Turkish individuals will be given those employments, possibly then you’ll comprehend what I’m seeing. PTV is national TV. Remember that.”


Many celebrities are throwing their views about this broadcast and everyone has their own opinion. Before that movie star Shaan also commented on this drama saying his perspectives to Images about PTV supporting Dirilis Ertugrul, saying, “I have said nothing against outside substance being circulated on a secretly publicized channel… Be that as it may, when a state-claimed channel for which I pay charges stretches out its help to remote substance. Twitter and Instagram gets mad after Yaser Hussain’s Comment because Ertugrul is an Islamic tale and People keep high sentiments for their religion in Pakistan so it’s a bit hard to say anything about something which people love and respect up to their hearts.