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Yasir Hussain’s explanation of calling Ertugrul Ghazi’s actors “garbage”

Actor Yasir Hussain has described the actors of Turkish drama “Ertugrul Ghazi” as “garbage”. Two days ago, Yasir Hussain shared a story on Instagram in which he shared a photo of the Pakistani counterparts of the Turkish drama “Ertugrul Ghazi” actors Ertugrul and Turgut alp and wrote in the caption, “No one will ask them because the The chicken lentils of the house are equal and the ‘garbage’ outside is also equal to the goods”.


In this caption, Yasir Hussain indirectly compared Turkish actors to “garbage”. While Yasir Hussain’s statement was sharply criticized by social media users, VJ Anusha Ashraf also took him by surprise and said, “Let us remind Yasir Hussain that no one is rubbish for anyone and if his job Even if it is not equal to Yasir Hussain’s choice, it is important to respect the actors all over the world.


Replying to Anusha Ashraf’s comment, Yasir Hussain clarified, “Did I mention the name ‘Ertugrul’ in this statement?” No, since childhood we have considered our goods as “garbage” considering the ironing of Japan, the saree of India, the cutlery of Australia as good. We need to change that mindset. Even today, the Pakistani National’s ironing is the most durable, Wazirabad’s cutlery is perfect, and Kamalia’s khaddar is unparalleled. But you have spoken English all your life and instead of singing English songs on your show. It’s a little hard to explain to you. ”



Yasir Hussain added, “Don’t associate everything I say with the cast of the Turkish drama. I have a lot of respect for the actors. Don’t make things go awry. Please create good content, there is more to the world than me. Ignore me. ”